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Caldwell-West Caldwell Soccer Club


A youth sports club is like a business, but we're not paid, we aren't here to make a profit, and we're neighbors and friends with many of you.

We are paying fees to be a part of the club, but none of that money goes toward the fulfillment of the below list of responsibilities.

Thankfully, many have stepped forward to offer their time to make this club run as smoothly as possible. You will see a list of more roles marked "OPEN" (highlighted in yellow) that many of the existing volunteers are doing as well as their own responsibilities. If you are interested and able to help out, please reach out to us and we can discuss further.

Thank you for your consideration!

Volunteer Opportunities

President -  Frank Lombardy - Club Strategy & Forward movement (Voting Member)- 

The duties of President are those customarily found in this office including: 

  • Responsible for developing the overall strategy of the CWCSC

    Seasonal programs

    League selection

    - Special programs, clinics or workshops
  • Partner with Director of Coaching to develop coaching strategy across all programs

  • Represent CWCSC as main contact for training company

  • Appoint committees, Board and Staff members as allowed by CWCSC By-laws to complete transactions of the Club.

  • Serve as the principal spokesperson of the Club with Caldwell-West Caldwell officials and local, state, and regional soccer representatives

  • Ensure the future of the Club through special projects and committees of improvement and/or expansion

Vice President -  Jason Kenig - Club Function & Operations (Voting Member) 

The duties of the Vice President are those customarily found in this office including:

  • Attend Board Meetings as a voting member

  • Represent the President in his or her absence at all CWCSC meetings

  • Oversee club operations to ensure efficient and effective execution

  • Document and archive processes and procedures as needed

  • Record and report vacancies and appointments in Board and Staff

  • Contact point for all behavioral issues with players, parents, PMs and trainers. 

  • Contact point for all COVID questions pertaining to the club. 

Treasurer - Robert Fava - 
Club Finances, Budget, Allocations and Accountability (Voting Member) 

 The duties of the Treasurer are those customarily found in this office including:

  • Attend monthly CWCSC Board meetings as a voting member

  • Reconcile monthly bank statements,

  • Prepare and report CWCSC operating budget

  • Prepare and report CWCSC monthly financial statements,

  • Receive bills and prepare checks to process all accounts payable in a timely fashion

  • File the Club tax non-profit paperwork annually

  • Cut checks for refunds to participants and board members as needed

  • Supply Ref fees to parent managers

Registrar + Assistant Registrar -  Steve Yurkosky - Steve Mee - Club Registration (Voting Members) 

The duties of the Registrar cover all areas of player registration for all player divisions of CWCSC including:

  • Ensure registration forms capture information needed to efficiently and effectively manage players and teams

  • Ensure forms are available to players and parents in time to meet registration deadlines

  • Ensure Medical Release forms capture the information necessary to manage risk and are available to parents and coaches prior to the start of each season

  • Provide all required data to CWCSC and MCYSA in a timely fashion

  • Prepare and publish player and team information seasonally so the Board of Directors and CWCSC members understand registration trends

  • Troubleshoot registration issues as they arise

  • Coordinate all registration information closely with the Club Treasurer

  •  Track parent manager’s Kidsafe/Risk/F License licenses and expiration dates

Secretary -  Marilena Coppola - All club recording and communication (Voting Member) 

  • Scheduling of board meetings

  • Record all meeting notes and publish to CWCSC Google Drive within 1 week of the meeting.

  • At the opening of the monthly board meeting, the Secretary will review notes and to-do’s from prior to the meeting.

  • Responsible for any applicable correspondence by the Caldwell-West Caldwell Soccer Club. 

  • Receiving and dispensing all mail from the PO Box. 

  • Ensures the By-laws are updated, signed and filed every 2 years.

  • Responsible for sending all club correspondence via the web platform

  • Social Media promotion

League Contact  -  Matt Jaworski - Club representative to the larger Travel Org (Voting Member)

  • Attend regular MCYSA meetings as a representative of the Caldwell-West Caldwell Soccer Club. Provide feedback to the board regarding the meeting. 

  • Pass along all information received from the league in a timely manner to the appropriate departments

  • Any upcoming votes at the League Contact Meetings shall be presented to the CWCSC Board prior to the vote. This way the club is aligned and in agreement with the vote. There are times that a vote will need to be decided at the league meeting without any notification. If this occurs the vote should be made in the best interest of the club and you must notify the board of your vote

  • Any league communications (email, generally) shall be shared with the CWCSC board to resolve any action items

  • Primary point of contact for all league interaction (i.e. to help answer and resolve any questions for coaches/board members)

  • Primary point of contact to work with other league contacts (i.e. if a coach is having an issue with another program it is the responsibility for the league contact to work with the other programs league contact to work out a resolution.) 

  • Works with Parent Manager Coordinator to communicate important league information

Scheduler  -  Bill Roth - Scheduling of Practice, Games and Clinics (Voting Member) 

  • The source for all field availability, and coordination with the Board of Education and Recreation Department

  • Schedule all travel soccer games seasonally

  • Work with the town representatives as needed for any events the club organizes

  • Work with Parent Managers to schedule make-up games/PCN’s

  • Determine or identify a committee member who can determine playability of fields

Travel Coordinator and Training Provider Contact - Phil Lodato (Voting Member) 

  • Partner with President to determine program strategy

  • Club contact to Training Provider

  • Coordinate tryouts and communicates field needs to scheduler

  • Leads team formation process and enforces team formation policy

  • Expectation: Travel Director is on site for various practices and games to ensure program is running smoothly

  • Works with Training Provider to assign and acclimate trainers to teams, monitor trainers throughout the season, as well as execute post-season evaluations

  • Works with PM Coordinator to ensure quality of the Trainers meet expectations per the Service Level Agreement

Director of Coaching  - Rob Grosso - Curriculum & Coach Management (Voting Member) 

The duties of the Director of Coaching are those customarily found in this office including:

  • Responsible for managing and providing leadership to the club’s technical staff and competitive coaches regarding soccer curriculum development and organizational responsibilities

  • Develop schedule for Travel program including pre-season training

  • Partner with Travel and Development Directors to solicit volunteer coaches as needed based on season strategy

  • Develop and maintain a Coaching Manual and a Coaches Orientation Manual

  • Communicate all key information to coaches regarding mandatory meetings or operational requirements

  • Coordinate and facilitate Trainer Kick-off meetings

  • Act as a liaison with other team coaches to make schedule updates as needed

Development Director
 - (Interim) Frank Lombardy (Position Open) 

The Development Director shall be responsible for the operation of all development programs as defined by CWCSC.

  • Partner with President & Director of Coaching to determine program strategy

  • Develop annual schedule for Development program

  • Determines field needs and communicates to Scheduler

  • Determines merchandise needs (t-shirts, balls, etc.) communicate with Merchandise Director

  • Expectation: Development Director is on site during development or have coverage appointed for any days they cannot attend

  • Strong focus on building the club through marketing and recruitment.

Indoor Manager
- Voting Member - OPEN

  • Develop a weekly schedule of games and teams

  • Coordinate with Registrar to set up registration

  • Work with Scheduler for gym availability

  • Work with Secretary to send out a communication to all CWC club and non-club members via different communication channels to announce and 

  • Identify refs who will manage the games

  • Work with Treasurer to get funds to pay the refs

  • Work with Equipment Manager to ensure portable nets, balls, cones are available

  • Identify volunteers to coach teams

  • Identify a rotation of coverage to be at the facility

  • Work with Development Director to organize sessions for Pre-K/K

Equipment & Uniform Manager - OPEN

The duties of the Equipment Manager cover all issues related to uniforms provided by the club in advance of fall and spring season for players and coaches including:

  • Ensure training equipment is provided by Training Provider or by club prior to and following each season

  • Ensure and monitor the quality and safety of equipment such as nets, goals, first aid equipment, corner flags, etc., and order replacements as needed.

  • All purchases must be approved by the President and Treasurer.

  • Coordinates with the Rec Department to ensure all necessary equipment is at the field i.e. flags, sand bags, nets, etc.

Secondary Carding - OPEN

  • Responsible for the communication and coordination of any secondary carding requests for travel players.

  • Digitally communicate with the League to attain secondary carding

  • Work with parents/players to fill out the paper accurately and timely

Fundraising Chair (Volunteer Coordinator) - Angela Wilson

  • Coordinate, plan and facilitate all fundraising activities for the club.

  • Manage and delegate fundraising committee

  • Set annual fundraising schedule

  • Set and track annual fundraising goals

  • Track inventory of promotional merchandise

  • Engage a group of parents to assist with fundraising

  • Manages brand and style guides

Parent Manager Coordinator -Mariana Rucker

  • Point person between Parent Managers and the CWCSC Board

  • Communicate between the two entities necessary information

  • Coordinate seasonal Parent Manager meeting

  • Track, store, order and distribute first aid kits and PM supplies

  • Work with Registrar to ensure all Parent Managers Kidsafe/Background Check/F-License and any other required documents are up to date

  • Keeps a running list of available tournaments

  • Collects feedback on tournaments

  • Coordinate with Treasurer/Fundraiser Director to obtain budget to be used by each team per season

  • Works to develop a tournament hosted by CWC Soccer Club


Caldwell-West Caldwell Soccer Club
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